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Responsive Design....and lots of ways to use images.

This is a three-column design that reformats depending on the screen size or mobile device being used.

There is a TON of JQuery, HTML5, and CSS3 used to make all the hidden functions work together. For instance, the left column holding the links will disappear on a mobile device in lue of a dropdown menu to save screen space. You can simulate this by simply dragging your browser window smaller and larger. Be sure to check this site out using iPhones, iPads, Nook's, or Androids.

This site uses AJAX to load the center content, making load times very quick and elegant with no "blinking" that is typically associated with loading entire new pages. Also, JQuery determins what center content to load, based on the selection of the user. This keeps adding new "pages" and content simple, and with a minimum of new coding each time things are changed and updated by clients.

The right column is repositioned BELOW the main content area when using a mobile device. The content and the right column are then displayed at 100% the width device, making a pleasant user experience. No need to zoom in and out to see text or content. All the clicks work by using taps of mobile devices.

Be sure and note the images at the bottom of the left column when you click "Page Five." JQuery is used to load different images, based on the pages the usere selects.

Finally, the footer at the bottom can hold a lot of information the client needs to provide, such as contact info, additional resources, etc. Footers can be as large or small as necessary. A good place for all the information that you don't know where else to put.

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